i'm rosie

(i'm sorry that my blog is less emo these days guys)

girl gang against evil{for izzy and inspired by laura}

it’s a long drive to the next city, but you know the demons are there too. everybody knows. half the girls sit in the back of the van, sharpening their knives and loading their guns. you and the others sit in the front, ready to take them motherfuckers on. here’s the playlist to get you pumped up:

o1. wishing he was dead : the like
       ’cause i can’t just forgive and forget,
       when i’m through with him
       he will be wishing he was dead.
o2. monster : paramore
       i’ll stop the whole world
       from turning into a monster
       and eating us alive.
o3. apres moi : regina spektor
       i must go on standing
       you can’t break that which isn’t yours.
o4. miss world : hole
       cute girls watch when i eat ether
       suck me under, maybe forever my friends
o5. she’s a rebel : green day
       she’s a rebel, vigilante
       missing link on the brink of destruction.
o6. i could rob you : plasticines
       love is gonna hurt tonight
       if it’s alright i’m gonna try
       love is gonna kill tonight
       don’t be surprised that you’re gonna cry.
o7. cut me up jenny : taking back sunday
       you are the polished pearl grips of your father’s .45
       give me all those gory details
       do tell, do tell
o8. dead end justice : the runaways
       stealing cars and breaking hearts
       pills and thrills and acting smart

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